Five Healthy Eats On-The-Go

If you’re spending the day out and about, don’t derail your efforts to eat healthy. recommends these five quick and tasty snacks as nutritious alternatives to standard “grab and go” treats:Womand drinking milk

  • String Cheese and Whole-Grain Crackers

Whether you pack this simple snack yourself, or swing by a mini-mart and pick it up, this delicious combination provides protein, fiber and whole-grain carbs.  At around 240 calories, a single serving of crackers and one string cheese keeps your stomach satisfied and your waistline in check.

  • Yogurt Smoothie and a Banana

Get a bottled yogurt smoothie at around 100 calories (for the entire bottle), and add a banana (70 calories) for a delicious, low calorie, nutrient-dense mini-meal. Make sure to read the label and avoid smoothies with high fructose corn syrup, as refined sugar will cause your blood sugar to peak and quickly crash.

  • An Apple and Fat-Free Milk

This simple snack might remind you of being a kid, but provides a nutritional punch with fiber, calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin. Plus, one medium apple and 18-ounce carton of milk only has 170 calories – a light, delicious, nutritious snack!

  • Half a Wheat Bagel & Light Cream Cheese

Need something a bit more substantial? Spread 1 tbsp. of reduced-fat cream cheese on top of one-half of a whole-wheat bagel. This hearty 200-calorie snack keeps your stomach fuller, longer.

  • Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

In the mood for comfort food? Skip the French fries and go for a single serving of chocolate-covered pretzels. While they’re not full of nutrients, they do provide enough calories (130 per serving) and a small amount of fat – just enough to keep your stomach satisfied and your mind off of eating.

By eating well throughout the day and exercising, you can help reduce your risk for certain conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. For more information on your health and nutrition, visit us online at The Medical Center of Plano or give us a call at 972-519-1207.

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