How to Cope with a Diabetes Diagnosis

A diagnosis of diabetes can be scary, but effectively managing the disease can ensure a healthy future.

Ways to Cope
According to Diabetic Living, there are many ways to help you cope with a diabetes diagnosis – all aimed at teaching patients how to integrate diabetes management into everyday life. 

  • Get educated. Knowledge is power! Talk with your doctor about your diagnosis, and read as much as you can about how to manage the disease. Attend support groups, or join in an online chat with others who have diabetes.
  • Communicate with others. Get your family and friends involved in your treatment. Talk to them about your feelings – let them know if you’re worried, frustrated, angry or scared. Involving close family and friends in your diabetes care helps them understand your situation, and helps you feel less isolated.
  • Put together a medical team. Make sure you’ve assembled a team of doctors and educators to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. Your team should include a doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, diabetes educator, therapist and any others who can assist you in your transition.
  • Set goals. Create realistic, attainable goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Recognize that hitting 100 percent of your goals every single time is not always going to happen, as life sometimes gets in the way of even the best efforts. If you stumble, get back up and try again – you’re health is worth it! 
  • Stay positive. Focusing on the negatives or complications of diabetes can be both physically and emotionally detrimental. Embrace and celebrate the healthy behaviors you are developing; focus on your new habits that will help lead to weight loss and greater self-confidence.  
  • Volunteer. Involve yourself in the diabetes community. Volunteer for an event, or participate in a walk-a-thon to help raise awareness.

A diabetes diagnosis should be taken seriously. For more information about the Medical Center of Plano’s Diabetes Management program, visit us online. For a physician referral, please call 1-855-665-TMCP.

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