Three Ways to Help Your Joints

Healthy bones and joints are important to maintain an active lifestyle.

Wondering how to help your joints? Well, Bone and Joint National Awareness Week is a good opportunity to learn just that, and it might be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Watch your weight. Extra pounds put extra stress and strain on joints. Research has shown that losing as little as approximately 10 pounds may make your joints healthier and reduce your risk of osteoarthritis of the knee by 50 percent.

2. Eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D can help keep joints healthy and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. And along with what you eat, watch what you drink. Studies have shown that too much caffeine in drinks like coffee can compromise bone health. Instead, choose calorie-free water or bone-building low-fat milk. Not sure how to go about changing your diet? Consider using the USDA MyPlate program as a guide to healthy eating.

3. Exercise regularly. Exercising, especially taking part in weight-bearing activities, is an important part of building and maintaining healthy bones. When doing weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, running, weight training and more, your body works against gravity, which is a great way to exercise your bones. Exercise also significantly improves joint pain and mobility for arthritis sufferers.

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