Lace Up Those Walking Shoes – It’s Time To Mall Walk!

Mall Walking Club Steps-Off on Saturday, November 17th.

I know what you're thinking…eh…mall walking….? Not really for me. But, guess what; mall walking isn't your grandma's exercise anymore! That's right, more and more people are joining in the trend and actually benifiting from it. Mall walking is a great way to exercise and do some window shopping!

But this mall walk has an added "step" to it. Join Hannah Curlee, NBC's Biggest Loser season 11 runner up, for this mall walking launch. Hannah will talk to you about her struggles with weight and her breakthroughs during her televised weight loss battle.  Join her as she walks the official first lap and makes time for autographs.

The event is co-sponsored by The Medical Center of Plano and The Shops at Willow Bend.  When you sign-up to join Willow Bend Steps, you'll receive a t-shirt, watter bottle and a fanny pack. Plus, you can even get a free health screening and some delicious and healthy munchies.

Food, fun, fitness and free gifts – there's no reason you shouldn't go!

Join Willow Bend Steps and Hannah Curlee in their mall walk, November 17 from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. Want more information? Call the Shops at Willow Bend 972-202-7110 or The Medical Center of Plano at 972-5191274.

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