Staying Stress-Free During the Holiday Season

Use some simple strategies to stress less this holiday season.

Wondering how you can stress less this holiday season? Try these tips so that you can make sure you have a nice, relaxing and happy holiday season:

Remember the reason for the season. Focus on the meaningful messages of the season, instead of the commercial hype about giving elaborate gifts or creating a picture-perfect tree. Remind yourself about peace and joy to avoid getting caught up in picking out presents and juggling a lengthy to-do list.

Slow down. Pick and choose the parties you'd like to attend and the special events you'd like to participate in so that you can truly enjoy yourself. It's ok to say no if you have to. Saying yes to every invitation can easily leave you with an overly full calendar that has you experiencing more frustration than fun.

Enjoy what makes the season special. The shopping malls will be there long after the holidays are over, however things such as the twinkling lights and holiday music and movies are there to be enjoyed for just a short while before they're put away until next year.

Stick to a budget. Financial concerns can create quite a lot of holiday stress. Instead of blowing your budget, rethink gift-giving and party hosting. Perhaps pick names out of a hat so each person is responsible to buy a gift for just one friend or family member. Likewise, consider hosting a potluck supper instead of an elaborate sit-down dinner.

The Medical Center of Plano would like you to have a healthy, happy and safe holiday season. To learn more about managing stress, or if you believe you're suffering from the holiday blues, talk with your doctor. To find a physician, call us at 1-855-665-8627 or use our online service.

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