The Medical Center of Plano Offers New, Patient-Specific Option for Total Knee Replacement Surgery



Find out how the ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System helps knee replacement patients at The Medical Center of Plano.
The Medical Center of Plano, the first hospital in Collin county to achieve elite Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Association, announced today the local availability of the ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System. 
  • iTotal is the only 100 percent patient-specific total knee replacement (TKR) system on the market.
  • It is the first FDA cleared TKR system for patients living with osteoarthritis of the knee where the actual knee implants, not just the cutting guides, are specifically designed and manufactured to match the individual patient’s anatomy. 
How does iTotal differ from traditional TKRs?
  • Forty-six percent of traditional TKR patients report a knee that does not feel “normal.”  Since each iTotal implant is made to fit just one patient, surgeons avoid the sizing and fit trade-offs that are traditionally part of total knee replacement surgery, leaving patients with a more natural fit, and faster recovery time.
  • Unlike traditional TKRs, the iTotal, and its next iteration the iTotal G2, were developed on the foundation of the company's patented iFit® technology for designing patient-specific implants and jigs. 
How can patients find out more?
  • The Medical Center of Plano has launched a new website about iTotal that provides detailed information on the technology, knee replacement surgery and an easy way for patients to seek treatment by allowing them to submit an online request. 
“Our goal is to provide patients with superior medical services and options,” said Troy A. Villarreal, FACHE, chief executive officer at The Medical Center of Plano. “By offering the ConforMIS iTotal G2, we are ensuring patients receive the best knee replacement treatment available and can leave our hospital feeling ready to resume normal activity even more quickly.”
For more information about The Medical Center of Plano visit us online. Visit ConforMIS, for more information.
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