Healthy Holiday Snack Ideas

Smart snacking is a good way to get necessary nutrition and help avoid overindulging this holiday season.

The holiday season is one filled with feasts, sweet treats and more. Smart snacking is a good way to get necessary nutrition and help avoid overindulging. Here are a handful of healthy, yet dressed-for-the-holidays, ideas:

Fruits. From fresh pears to dried cranberries, fruit is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Top your fruit of choice with a drizzle of caramel sauce or a dollop of whipped cream, or use it in a recipe for whole-wheat muffins or quick bread.

Nuts. Craving for something crunchy? Try a handful of nuts, pretzels or popcorn. Or combine a bit of each to make a trail mix. Toss in a few butterscotch chips or candy-coated chocolate drops, if desired.

Candy. A candy cane contains no fat and has built in portion control. Likewise, a snack-size chocolate bar has a modest calorie count in a small package. Remember, a bite or two of peanut brittle, old-fashioned ribbon candy or other traditional holiday treat might be just what you need to keep from feeling hungry or deprived. If you pay attention to portion size, almost any food has a place in a healthy diet. 

Sandwiches. Layer a protein, such as lean ham, chicken or turkey with a little bit of cheese  and a touch of gourmet mustard or chutney on a whole-grain snack-size bun. You'll keep your stomach from grumbling and growling, while sneaking in some good nutrition.

To learn more about cooking for the holidays, join us Monday, December 10 at 6:30 pm for Spirited Women: Holiday Cooking with Amy Kushnir. Amy will use simple holiday recipes along with great Texas style to whip up some delicious culinary treats. If you would like to discuss your health and nutrition options, call us at 1-855-665-TMCP (8627) to find a physician.

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