Knee Replacement: What to Know

Learn how knee replacement is performed using the ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System.

When patients have tried every non-invasive option available to relive knee pain, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery. Surgery is always a serious step, but it’s worth it if it will give you back your active lifestyle. The good news is that surgical advances in knee advancement make it possible to have a more customized procedure. The Medical Center of Plano now offers ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System for those ready to find a reliable method of knee pain relief.

How it Works
The ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System is customized for your knee and your knee only. In order to construct the customized knee, a CT scan of the injured knee is done. This CT scan uses iFit Technology, which maps out the geometry of the knee and in turn, that image helps to create the implant that will go into the knee.

Who is this for?
This procedure is intended for use as a total knee replacement for patients with knee joint and disability, at any age. The iTotal option works well for most knee replacement patients since each implant is customized for the patient.

Having a customized knee will take away the pain that you are currently suffering from and help you get back to enjoying a more active lifestyle, pain free! To find out if you are a candidate for this type of surgery, please contact The Medical Center of Plano for more information. Call 1-855-665-TMCP for a physician referral.


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