5 Important Facts About ConforMIS iTotal G2 Knee Replacement System

The ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System is a unique and cutting-edge approach to knee replacement.

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Knee replacement is serious business. If you’re a candidate for such a procedure, you’ll want to consider the ConforMIS iTotal® G2 Knee Replacement System. Here are a few important facts to know:

  1. It’s the only completely patient-customized total knee replacement system, meaning that the actual knee implants, not just the cutting guides, are designed and produced per the specifications of the individual patient. It’s the only total knee replacement system that’s made to conform precisely to the individual patient’s anatomy.
  2. Because of the patient-specific nature of the implants, this system produces a more comfortable fit and better alignment, which allows for more natural movement. Patients who have ConforMIS iTotal® G2 knee replacement don’t experience the long-term pain associated with the traditional “one-size-fits-all” knee replacements.
  3. It’s the first FDA cleared total knee replacement system for people who have osteoarthritis of the knee that involves a design that is specific to the patient.
  4. Patients who undergo this type of knee replacement procedure often recover faster than people who undergo traditional total knee replacement procedures. Faster recovery means you can be back to your everyday activities sooner.
  5. Because this type of knee replacement involves a femoral component that is thinner than those involved in a traditional total knee replacement, it preserves more of the patient’s bone, which can be positive for future treatment options.

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