Safety Tips for Family Travel

Following a few safety tips can make traveling fun for everyone from families to teens.

Family Pool

Summer is just around the corner! That may mean a family vacation or maybe your older teen is venturing out on his or her own for the first time. Either way, following a few safety tips can keep summer travel fun.

By Car
If you’re driving, bring your car to the mechanic for a check up before hitting the road. And just in case of emergencies, keep a roadside emergency kit handy. Follow the rules of the road including buckling up, not exceeding the speed limit, and not drinking and driving. In addition, don’t let your phone or other people in the car distract you from focusing on the road. If your teen will be driving, be sure he or she is educated about distracted driving. Stop in a safe place if you need to make a phone call, send a text, fix a snack or do any other such task. And if you’re too tired to drive safely, stop and sleep instead of turning up the volume on the radio or drinking another cup of coffee.

By Plane
If you’re flying, plan to be at the airport between 60 and 90 minutes before your flight is scheduled to leave and have your identification handy. Pack smart and abide by the Transportation Security Administration’s security policies. Be familiar with the list of items that are prohibited from being in carry-on and/or checked bags, and the rules for packing liquids, aerosols and gels .

Especially For Teens
In addition to driving or flying safely, teens who are traveling without a parent should always have emergency contact information with them. They should stay with friends at all times and avoid venturing out alone. An adult should be informed of their complete itinerary.

For more information in regard to traveling safe, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and/or  Transportation Security Administration online. To learn about staying healthy while traveling, talk with your doctor. If you need to find a doctor, visit us online or call our Physician Referral Line at 1-855-665-TMCP (8627).

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