Firework Safety: What You Need to Know

Be sure you know the facts and put safety first if you plan to put on your own fireworks show.

Planning to dazzle family and friends with a fireworks show at home this holiday? Remember that while many fireworks are legal in the state of Texas, they should still be handled with extreme care. Here are some safety-related facts to keep in mind.

FACT: Texas state law regarding fireworks permits the use of certain fireworks, but prohibits the use of others. Be sure you're using only approved fireworks purchased from a licensed retailer, and never use homemade fireworks.

FACT: Accidents happen. Always practice fire prevention and have a hose and bucket of water handy when igniting fireworks.

FACT: The National Council on Fireworks Safety advises you should read the warning and instruction labels on fireworks prior to use, wear safety glasses, light fireworks one at a time and never attempt to re-light one that has not fully ignited. If a firework doesn't ignite properly, wait 20 minutes before placing it in your bucket of water. In addition drench all used fireworks with water before disposing of them in the trash.

FACT: Children should never handle fireworks. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, even sparklers can burn at a dangerous 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit

FACT: Fireworks are the cause of thousands of people visiting the emergency room each year, the majority suffering from burns. The most common injuries are those to the fingers, hands, eyes, head, face, ears and legs.

The safest way to see fireworks is to enjoy a local, professional display. However, if you choose to light fireworks at home, remember to do so safely. Also remember that the Medical Center of Plano Emergency Department has been designated a Level II Trauma Center and is equipped to provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you experience an emergency, dial 911 immediately. For a physician referral, simply call 1-855-665-8627.

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