What To Expect from a Lumpectomy

Finding a lump in your breast can be a terrifying experience. Here's what you can expect from your surgery.

So, your doctor has recommended a lumpectomy to remove the problem area in your breast. It's normal to be frightened, but if all goes well, this surgery could save your life. In the meantime, ease your nerves by learning everything you can about the procedure. Here is some information to get you started.

Before Surgery
You will have a little time beforehand to ask any last-minute questions. Take advantage of this if you need to! When you're ready, you'll change into a hospital gown, remove any jewelry, and allow a nurse to mark where the incision should be.

The Procedure
The surgery should last around 30 minutes You will have either local or general anesthesia during this time. Talk with your doctor about which is the right choice for you. During the operation, the trouble spot will be removed from the breast. The surgeon may also remove lymph nodes from your armpit to see if cancer has begun to spread.

Your Recovery
In the days following your surgery, you will need to care for your incision to prevent infections. Make sure you have received thorough instructions on how to do so before you leave the hospital. A physical therapist or doctor may also show some simple arm exercises that you should perform regularly as you recover. Don't plan to immediately return to work or other commitments. Your body will probably need several days of rest before you feel up to your usual activities.

Have you noticed a lump or another abnormality in your breast? Don't hesitate to make a doctor's appointment with our Breast Center. You can trust us with your health. Call us at 1-855-665-TMCP for a physician referral, or schedule your annual mammogram when you call 972-612-6500.

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