3 Back-to-School Safety Tips for your Kids

Summer vacation is coming to a close. Are your children staying safe at school?

Do you worry about your kids when they are away for the school day? While it may be impossible to completely erase all parental concerns, these three safety tips could help you feel a little more comfortable when you can't be at your child's side.

#1 – Help them arrive at school safely.
Do your children walk or ride their bikes to school or to a bus stop? If so, you can help them find the safest route. Avoid streets with a lot of traffic and roads without sidewalks. Talk to them about how to safely cross the street, and how to react if a stranger tries to talk to them. If your children are under 10, you may want to consider accompanying them to their destination.

#2 – Get them the right equipment.
From backpacks to gym shoes, the wrong choice can lead to injuries. Rolling backpacks are ideal for students with a lot of heavy books to tote around. If your children are involved in school sports, make sure they have all the padding, helmets, and other equipment they need to play safely.

#3 – Talk to them about what to do in an emergency.
Make sure your child has your phone number and address memorized in case of an emergency. While the school is required to review procedures for fires, tornadoes, or lock downs, it is always helpful for parents to give supplemental one-on-one instruction on how to handle these potential crises.

The beginning of the school year is a great time to schedule your child's annual check-up. We can help you find a doctor, if you don't have one. You can browse our online directory of physicians, or call our referral line at 1-855-665-TCMP (8627).

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