What to Expect from Hip Replacement Surgery

Are you prepared for your recovery period after surgery?

Hip replacement surgery can make your life a lot easier and more comfortable, but not until you go through a challenging recovery period. In order to see the ideal end results of your procedure, you'll need to allow yourself to heal properly and help your body acclimate to your new hip. Here's what you should be expecting.

  • A stay in the hospital – You won't be going home right away, so prepare yourself for at least a few days in the hospital. The beginning will be painful, but you'll be given pain medicine to help you get comfortable.
  • At least a day of complete rest – Your first 24 hours will be spent in bed. The day after your surgery, you might get on your feet for the first time with the help of a doctor or physical therapist. You will probably be given a cane or walker at this point.
  • Rehabilitation – You'll need some professional assistance as your body adjusts after surgery. A physical therapist will help you regain the ability to walk comfortably, and he will guide you through safe exercises to help in your recovery.
  • A few limitations – There may be a few simple movements you will be instructed to avoid for awhile post-operation, such as crossing your legs while sitting.
  • Annual observations – Even after you have fully recovered, you'll still need to check in with a doctor at least once a year to ensure the hip replacement is working well.

At the Medical Center of Plano, you can find a surgeon you trust to perform your hip replacement. Learn more at our website, or make your first appointment with us when you call (972) 519-1223.

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