Should I Have My Cholesterol Screened?

A cholesterol screening could shed some light on your risk for stroke or heart disease.

The American Heart Association recommends that you begin screening your cholesterol every five years starting at age 20. More frequent screenings may benefit patients who are over 50 years old, have several risk factors for heart disease or stroke, or have uncovered unhealthy cholesterol levels in the past. Have you been following these guidelines? If you're due for a screening, here's a little motivation to make that appointment as soon as possible.

Unhealthy cholesterol levels have no symptoms.

Regular screening are your only option when it comes to learning about your cholesterol levels. Even if you feel 100 percent healthy, your cholesterol could be a ticking bomb waiting to wreak destruction. Don't let it stay a secret!

Unhealthy cholesterol levels have many serious consequences.

The top dangers linked to high cholesterol are heart disease and stroke. The sooner you discover problematic cholesterol levels, the sooner you can take action and reduce your risk of these potentially-fatal complications.

A cholesterol screening provides a lot of valuable information.

Cholesterol may be a bit more complicated than you think. It's not a good idea to just eat well and hope for the best. There are several types of cholesterol that need to be measured and kept in line. There is also a "good cholesterol" that needs to stay elevated. A screening gives all the information you need to make the tweaks your diet needs, whether large or small.

Good cardiac care shouldn't begin after an incident. At the Medical Center of Plano, we make preventative tests and screenings a priority. Learn more about the services we offer at our website, or call us for more information at (972) 519-1307.

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