3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

Enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner this holiday season!

There's nothing better than a table full of traditional Thanksgiving delights. Good conversation, comfort food, and a spirit of gratitude is good for the soul – but what about the body? The Thanksgiving meal is not known for its nutritional qualities. Should you skip this memorable occasion, give yourself permission to cheat on your diet, or find another solution? With these three tips in mind, you can continue to enjoy your family traditions without compromising your health.

#1 – Change it up in the kitchen.

If you are the one preparing the meal, take advantage of your position by making a few tweaks to the recipes. Avoid salt when possible (guests can add salt at the table if they wish), choose low-fat dairy options, and cook with a healthier butter alternative. Make sure you are serving plenty of fruits and veggies alongside the turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes.

#2 – Choose the right foods.

Once the meal has begun, you can keep it healthy by carefully selecting your foods and portion sizes. A good rule of thumb is that half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. Use the other half for small servings of meat and other comfort foods.

#3 – Enjoy in moderation.

No matter how healthy the dinner is, overeating is always a danger at Thanksgiving. Use a smaller plate, limit yourself on seconds, and eat slowly so your brain can keep up with your stomach.

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